At the conclusion of your Fundraising Campaign, the beneficiary will receive one check for your campaign period, and quarterly checks for your extended period in the mail. All payouts are sent to the Beneficiary and Address identified during the Campaign Set Up Process.


Your organization will receive their first payout check 30 day after the campaign period has ended. Funds raised during the 90 day extended time period will be approved for payment quarterly the 15th of the following month. (4/15, 7/15, 10/15 and 1/15) and sent by check to your beneficiary.


To get a detailed report on your payments, click Manage Campaign which will bring you to your dashboard. Whenever a check is mailed, your team coordinator will see the payments page updated with the payment.

Amount Raised: Reflects pre-orders, and upsells at the door. This is the Number you see on your 'goal meter' on Schwans-Cares. This number may not be accurate to your actual payout. 

Actual Payout: Reflects all final sales at the door, includes all order modifications and cancellations, this is the accurate amount you will see in your payout checks.

Payments Sent: The money that has been approved, processed, and distributed so far.

Outstanding: The money that has yet to be sent.