You can find lots of resources and tools to help you run a successful Fundraising Campaign. Access your Manage Tab to find a task list with step by step instructions on how to manage your campaign.

Successful Fundraising Campaigns have 3 common themes:  

- Engaged Coordinator and Fundraising Group

- Consistent Promotion across multiple forums (Social Media, Email, and In Person)

- Incentives for top Fundraisers and Supporters

- Post your widget on your organization webite. You can find it in your Resource tab of your campaign.

- Post weekly updates on your campaign to let your team and supporters know where you are to your goal and to thank them for their support.

Post pictures and/or videos (did you know that fundraising campaigns with videos raise 114% more funds that those without a video?) on your fundraiser page and tell a compelling story about why you are fundraising. Outreach is key. Invite others to join your team and use social networking to spread the word. The more effort you put in, the more success you will get out of your Fundraising Campaign.